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Berk Sample Character: Felix "Noobsniper666" Mansetti, Former Gibson

Felix only wishes his bike was in this good condition. Image from Wikimedia Commons
Name: Felix Mansetti
Species: Human
Faction: Freelance (formerly Gibsons)
Felix Mansettivery nearly became a Librarian before he decided to take a different path instead. While neither of his parents were Librarians themselves, they had a lot of dealings with Librarians. Both served as bodyguards to Researchers going out in the field, and they came to respect the Librarians. When they got married and had children, they hoped that their children would go on to become Librarians.

It worked out well for their first child, a girl named Samantha. She became a Researcher, and was soon heading out into the dangerous Deep City to seek out lost technology. At first, Felix studied hard to be like his older sister. But something changed when he was out with some friends climbing around the outskirts of Berk and trying to see how far they dared go from the downtown area and the safety of the library. They heard the roar of approaching engines and hid in an abandoned house as a gang of Gibsons rode past, laughing and shouting on their way to a raid.

The experience left a deep impression on young Felix, and he decided to become a Gibson. Determined to learn how to fight, he started picking fights with anyone he could. Though he received more beatings than he gave out, he learned how to take a punch and, eventually, how to choose his battles. When he was old enough, he left home, stole a pistol from a retired adventurer, and found a Gibson gang. They were impressed by his attitude and smarts, and they agreed to let him on.

At first, Felix was thrilled to be part of the gang, whose clan name was the Puppyskulls. He got his own motorcycle and learned how to ride it. They raided other gangs and well-defended ranches, clashing with Ents and tofu people. After a running motorcycle-versus-horseback shootout with a Redwood posse, Felix earned the pro name "Noobsniper666."

Things started to go bad for Felix shortly after he became a pro. He started to get bored of going on the same raids and only taking on targets they knew they could beat. The other Gibsons resented his attitude, and things came to a head when he called the gang leader a noob for refusing to raid a gang of mutants known as the Ironhead Ogres. The gang leader pulled a gun, but Felix was faster. In the chaos resulting from the leader's death, Felix made his escape.

Unsure of where to go and running low on gas, Felix found himself on the road back to Berk. He decided to take on bodyguard work like his parents had done until he could figure out his direction in life. Deep down, he knew that the Puppyskulls would soon choose a new leader, and that the leader's first order of business would be to hunt down Felix. He knew he had better have friends of his own by then...


Felix is a muscular, good-looking young man. He has dark skin and keeps his hair buzzed, though he has been known to experiment with a chin beard (something he has luckily decided to abandon). He wears a battered, tan leather jacket over a black T-shirt, black jeans, with motorcycle boots.

His motorcycle is a heavy-framed old model that has been kept in great condition. It used to belong to the leader of the Puppyskulls gang before Felix made his getaway on it. As a result, it was the fastest, best-repaired bike in the gang. Felix is a deft hand at repairs, and has kept the bike in great condition despite a lack of spare parts.

Felix's most noticeable mutation is a nictitating membrane that he can close over his eyes. This is a very useful mutation for riding the roads of Berk, as it allows him to see marginally well even when there is a lot of dust in the air. He also enjoys flicking the membrane over his eyes during conversation to surprise the other person and throw him or her off his or her stride.


Not even a former Gibson would be caught unarmed, and Felix carries a Desert Eagle pistol at all times. He also has a single-shot sniper rifle that has been converted and repaired so many times that it is hard to tell what type or rifle it originally was. In addition, he carries a combat knife for those occasions when he wants to do some jogging.

Felix has a small toolbox tied to his motorcycle, which includes wrenches, hammers, and enough twine to keep the motorcycle together between proper repairs. He also carries a length of hose for siphoning fuel, and a battered old Game Boy Advance.

Greatest Secret

While the game in Felix's Game Boy looks like it's Mega Man Battle Network 4, it is actually a Pokemon Ruby cartridge with the Mega Man Battle Network 4 sticker on it.

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