Sunday, September 25, 2011

Notorious Villains of Berk: The Steve, Queen Raider MacRaider

The Steve appears to a faithful believer. Image from
If you thought Kittenbot 3000 was scary, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Well, okay, Kittenbot 3000 is pretty scary. You might want to take off that yarn sweater before heading out into the Deep City. Kittenbot 3000 may attack you anyway, but at least it'll be a little less ironic. Because, y'know, kittens and balls of yarn.

The Steve, Lord of the Gipsters

Gipsters believe that there is a mysterious wanderer in the Deep City who appears to those faithful believers who carry items with the fruit symbol on them and gifts them with amazing technology that will make their lives complete. Gipsters believe that The Steve will fix all of the problems with their devices and repay their loyalty with gadgets that will make their lives meaningful and complete.

Anyone who does not believe in The Steve will be shunned by Gipsters. Gipsters believe that anyone who speaks ill of The Steve or the fruit-stamped devices will bring down the displeasure of The Steve, and therefore Gipsters will vehemently defend The Steve and fruit-stamped gadgets against any naysayers.

Those who believe they have seen The Steve say he wears a glasses, black turtleneck and jeans. They also say he is seven feet tall and speaks with a voice like thunder, and that his eyes flash like lightning. The Steve is always seen at a distance. By the time the Gipster has arrived at the spot where he or she saw The Steve, The Steve is gone, but inevitably there is a device or gadget at the very spot.

Not many non-Gibsons have seen The Steve, but those that have view him as a sign of ill omen. Though he does not seem aggressive, his displeased frown speaks of dangers to come.

Queen Raider MacRaider

The Deep City is full of gangs of human mutants who live in various stages of barbarism. The gangs exist in a constant struggle, feeding off each other's precious stores. All post-Second Event humans are mutants, but these feral gangs often "show" a lot more prominently than the Berk citizens. The reason for this is unclear, though it may have something to do with the limited gene pool of the gangs.

Though each gang is antagonistic to the other gangs, all gangs bend the knee to Queen Raider MacRaider. Queen Raider belongs to no single gang, but is followed everywhere she goes by a motley retinue consisting of members of numerous gangs. She is huge in size and built like a professional wrestler. One eye is covered by an eyepatch, and the other is always squinting. She wears a leather helmet of archaic design, with straps dangling loose below her strong chin. Her weapons of choice are a pair of wicked sabers with broad, razor-sharp blades.

Many gangs own symbols of Queen Raider to show their loyalty. Her face can be seen all over the Deep City, from mugs to jackets to enormous flags. Even though they may not wear these symbols at all times, when the Queen is on the warpath they will put on their MacRaider gear and march with her, and woe to anyone who gets in their way.


  1. Do Gipsters follow the other traditions of the Gibsons? Do they count frags and complete kills? I'm a little fuzzy on the similarities and differences between them, apart from them each loving raiding and gathering technology.

  2. Gipsters do those things, too, but they do them ironically.