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Sample Berk Character: Aleksander Kolyarov, Russian Werewolf

Image a composite of images from Wikimedia Commons

Name: Aleksander Kolyarov
Species: Russian Werewolf
Faction: First Vladivostok Werewolf Airborne

Aleksander Sergeivich Kolyarov is a Russian Werewolf who grew up stationed at the Downtown Berk station. As a child, he was full of energy, constantly poking his nose into places. He loved the Downtown area and soon got to know every food vendor and street performer. His favorite activity was chasing things: bits of garbage carried by the wind, people's scarves, robots, birds, rats. The only way he learned what not to chase was when he got bitten, but that lesson never seemed to stick. While all Russian Werewolf pups are exuberant, most draw the line at entering the Library, but Kolyarov loved tearing down the hallways or hiding among the dusty stacks.

By the time Kolyarov was old enough to be a private in the First Vladivostok, his reckless curiosity had manifested as unthinking courage (though plenty of reckless curiosity remained). He got along well with his fellows. When he lost money at gambling, he would shrug and say that he only gambled with money he didn't mind losing. He enjoyed drinking, eating, and smoking cigars. Perhaps the only thing he did that did not sit so well with the others was play a battered harmonica, which he did whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Kolyarov served with enthusiasm in defending the outskirts of Downtown Berk from gangs and monsters. The food vendors who remembered the carefree pup who had dashed between their legs were surprised to see the swaggering young werewolf come by, trading jokes while checking in on them.

As much as Kolyarov loved Downtown Berk, he was fascinated by the adventurers who passed through. He wondered what the rest of the city was like, and in typical fashion threw himself into assignments first at Ashbykov station, then the infamous Macarthurvich Station under Tsar Boris.

Having completed his assignment at Macarthurvich (which included single-handedly fending off a dozen yoga zombies with a mop and bucket), Kolyarov is eager to join an adventuring group and represent Mother Russia while learning about how other factions handle danger.


Kolyarov is quite young for the amount of service he's managed to cram into his record. For all his rushing from one assignment to the next, some officers still see the young werewolf as a pup who is wet behind the ears. Nevertheless, he seems to be nearly indestructible, something his rapidly growing collection of scars attests to.

He wears a peaked cap and military uniform. Both of them are faded and worn thin, but Kolyarov keeps them in top condition. The brass buttons have been shined to the point that most of the brass has come off, and the tassels on his epaulets have been re-knotted so many times that there must now be twice the number of tassels as when he started.


Kolyarov's most treasured possession is a straight-bladed saber made of excellent steel. The blade is marked with countless tiny scars from long use, and the hand guard is dull and pitted. Kolyarov keeps the blade polished to a mirror shine, though most of the time it is in a battered scabbard. Best of all, a single frayed, faded tassel hangs from the pommel of the weapon.

In addition, Kolyarov carries a needle and thread for mending his uniform, a cloth for shining up his buttons and sword, a bottle opener, a can opener, a set of folding eating utensils, and two bars of soap: one for getting clean, and one that's specially treated against fleas. He is never without his trusty harmonica, much to the regret of his comrades.

Greatest Secret

When his friends are singing drinking songs, Kolyarov greatly prefers to play his harmonica. This is because, when he sings, Kolyarov sounds exactly like a Russian Frank Sinatra, something he is not keen on others learning.

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