Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Berk Legend: The Song of The Steve

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Now listen, young Gipsters, and I'll tell you the story,
Of the man who planted the seeds of our glory.
He lived long ago, yet blesses us today,
Bringing us wonders to show us the way.

Clad in a turtleneck and jeans of blue,
He once changed the world with the things he would do.
He made machines that could think and do our commands,
Then he took the whole world and put it into our hands.

The world ended twice, and yet we still find,
The once-bitten fruit of his fertile mind.
Hidden in ruins from days long before,
For Gipsters to seek out and treasure once more.

Take care of your gadgets and value their worth,
For they are the hope of this twice-blighted Earth.
If we gather the remnants of that age now past,
We can restore the kingdom of this great man at last.

Remember the one whom we all do owe,
For he first walked the path on which we must go.
He died once already, but there is no need to grieve,
For he walks with us still, and his name is The Steve.

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