Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"The Secret World" video game trailers are great urban fantasy shorts

I recently came across the CG trailers to the "Secret World" video game. It's going to be an MMO set in the modern world, with an urban fantasy twist. The MMO itself looks like any other MMO, though they have an interesting gimmick where the gameplay intersects with real-world social networking and  websites you can visit.

The gameplay videos consist of groups of people standing around big monsters, shooting the monsters with guns and/or colorful blasts of magic. Meh, I have no interest in the game itself.

What does interest me are the CG trailers. If you ignore the fact that they're trailers for a video game, they make really cool short videos about some characters in an urban fantasy world.

You can watch the first three in any order, but you should watch all three before you watch the fourth.

The First Video - A woman comes home and makes a milkshake.

The Second Video - Another woman walks through a playground at night and finds a feather.

The Third Video - A man finishes his drink at a bar and goes to the restroom.

The Fourth Video - I won't say anything for fear of spoilers.

These videos make me want to read (and write) some hardboiled urban fantasy. Maybe after my National Novel Writing Month novel is done I'll have a chance to return to this idea!