Monday, May 14, 2012

The Avengers Spoilers: Oh, Internet, you DO love me!

At the end of the Avengers, once the main credits roll, there is a little Easter egg scene to set up the sequel, as there always is at the end of these superhero movies. But then, at the very end of the credits, there is another Easter egg scene that is absolutely brilliant. I'm hiding it under the jump, because you don't want it spoiled if you haven't seen it yet, but I realize most of you are probably reading this using a blog reader and you can see the whole post already, so sorry if I spoiled it for you.

 So there's the whole team, all gathered around, exhausted, eating shawarma. I love this scene because it shows that, when you have just finished saving the world from evil aliens and a self-proclaimed god, you kind of just want to sit and zone out and eat greasy meats.

I tried to look up an animated gif of the scene, but my Google-fu was not strong and I found nothing. I was disappointed in the internet for not being able to provide me this very specific thing that I arbitrarily decided I needed.

But then I looked up "shawarma" on the Tumbler, and the animated gifs just started appearing:

As I was going through these on Tumblr, I got to know them so I would know which ones I had already downloaded and which ones I hadn't. So I'd be like, okay, this is the one where Thor takes a big bite of his sandwich and a bit falls out the bottom, and this looks like the same shot but it's a little longer because he looks at the sandwich first.

Judge all you want, but what did you do on your lunch break today?

I like that most of the actors are sitting there, pretending to chew, but Chris Hemsworth is all, NOM.

Also, I learned that Chris Evans is covering his face because this was shot months after the main filming had ended, and he grew out a beard in the meantime.

BONUS: This was my favorite Tumblr post because they even wrote some mini-fanfics underneath:

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