Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Discovered on the Intertron: Two Best Friends Play...

So recently, I stumbled across a series of YouTube video calls Two Best Friends Play.... The premise is simple: two dudes in their twenties record themselves talking while playing a video game. It's all about the hilarious banter, usually revolving around making fun of the game, making fun of each other, and hilarious tangents they go off on. Matt is has a gentle, kind of naive soul, and Pat has anger management issues. Naturally, they're both playing up these personas, but the clash of personalities is comedy gold. I should warn you that the things they say are at times misogynistic, vulgar, and crude. Some of their jokes are about harming women or are blatantly racist. That genuinely bothers me, and if they wouldn't go there, I could enjoy their videos much more.

I first stumbled across the videos when I was doing my usual search for ponies, and I found this:

After a bit of investigating, I found that it was a fan video made using the sound (and some video) of a Two Best Friends Play... video. I started watching other Two Best Friends Play... videos, and I was hooked. I even wound up watching them play through both Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill: Downpour, listening them banter through the entire games. That's right: around 20 episodes, each longer than ten minutes, of two guys playing a video game. It's like when you go to a friend's house to play games and he just plays while you watch, except I don't even know them. And I watched every minute.

I think that says something about my life.

Here's a video to get you started. Matt is a complete wimp when it comes to playing scary games.

You might find yourself watching every season and starting to use their catch phrases. I've caught myself saying, "You're trolling me" in real life. I have yet to say "This is some bomb-ass shit!" or "Doin' it!" but I've come close.

As a bonus, here's a clip from the pony video, with actual pony voices. That's taking a video originally done by two guys, then a video of two ponies taking the roles of those two guys, then two ponies talking like ponies who originally talked like two guys. Oh, internet.

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