Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Reward - Tales of Alethrion is a Kickstarter that could use your money

So, you've already seen The Reward, the hilarious tale of a friendship between two adventurers. You probably loved it and thought to yourself, "Why can't there be a whole series of videos like this?" Well, now there might be, thanks to a Kickstarter that the creators of The Reward are putting together to fund the first episode of a proposed series.

The only problem is, the guys running the Kickstarter have set their goal quite high: $115,000. Half the month is already over, and they still haven't reached $40,000. I realize that Kickstarters tend to see a sudden surge toward the end, but something tells me that, without things changing, these guys are going to have a hard time reaching their goal. And with Kickstarter, if you don't reach your goal, you don't get any of the funding.

Honestly, I can tell why the project isn't doing better. For one thing, it's not entirely clear what they're trying to make with that $115,000. It sounds like they Kickstarter is to fund the first episode, which will probably be 7.5 minutes long. Hopefully, if the episode gets completed, they'll be able to get investors to fund the entire series, but that's a pretty big "if." It's entirely possible that they will make the first episode and we'll never see another.

They also say that they're not sure what medium they'll present the series in. That makes me worried: they're offering digital downloads of the first episode as backer rewards, but will the series be freely available to others as well, only at a lower resolution? What if the rest of the series ends up being picked up in a format you can't access, like a mobile-only show for someone without a mobile device?

Finally, the rewards aren't great, and are priced kind of high for what you're getting. $80 for a poster? $125 for a T-shirt? For $250 you can get an original line sketch and for $500 you can get a color picture, which is cool, but the price is pretty wild for a commission. There are a lot of talented artists online who are willing to not only draw you a picture, but draw something you request, for a tenth the price.

So here I am going over all the things that this Kickstarter has going against it. Wasn't I trying to get you to back this project? Yes, and I still think you should. Forget everything I just said. Here is your chance to make something cool happen: you can help a hilarious, colorful, joyous, bromantic show become a reality. The original video offered something I was missing in fantasy. It was all about the joys of exploring the unknown, going on quests, becoming more powerful, and most importantly, hanging out with your bro. And if I can help there be more of that, then I will.

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