Friday, September 27, 2013

My favorite thing on Twitter ever

I keep meaning to post this, and I figured it's high time.

Patrick Weekes is one of the writers on Mass Effect.
Jennifer Hale did the voice of the female Shepard.
I am Baron von Chop.
Mark Meer did the voice of the male Shepard.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is better than you'd expect

The game's marketing pushed the physics engine, and how enemy characters react to being tossed around.

** Contains Some Minor Spoilers **

Star Wars: the Force Unleashed is a fairly old game, having originally been released for the XBox 360 in 2008 and the PC in 2009. I had heard mixed things about it, so I never bothered picking it up until this past Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you), when all the Star Wars games on Steam were on sale. It was only a few dollars, so I grabbed it. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found: the gameplay was quite fun, and the narrative, while not great, at least made an effort to tell a new, interesting story.