Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tales of Alethrion is back on Kickstarter for a full season!

As you know, I was a huge fan of The Reward, the short animation by Sun Creature Studio about two characters in a fantasy world who become friends over the course of their journey.

Then I got excited about the Kickstarter for the first episode of a series set in the same world.

Well, now that episode is done! You can watch the video right at the top of this page.

The folks at Sun Creature Studio now have a new Kickstarter, this time to fun a season of Tales of Alethrion. Each episode needs $80,000 to happen, so for every $80,000 they raise, they will make another episdoe! So far, they have already raised enough for one more episode, and they're on their way to the next.

If you like fantasy adventures, animation, and tales of friendship, I recommend checking out the Kickstarter.